Together with Our Employees

Employee Health and Safety Management

In accordance with its basic policy on health and safety, the Takara Leben Group strives to manage the health and safety of employees and takes measures to create work environments where all employees can work with peace of mind.

Basic Policy on Health and Safety

The Takara Leben Group provides proactive support to ensure the safety of employees and maintain and enhance their health. We strive to create work environments where diverse human resources can work to demonstrate their full capabilities. We established the Health Committee to implement these measures and undertake comprehensive employee health and safety management.

Health Committee

The Group strives to create work environments where all employees can work with peace of mind, led by its Health Committee, established as stipulated in Article 18 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

The Health Committee meets regularly, positioning traffic accidents, occupational accidents, and overtime work as major risks that threaten the health and safety of workplace employees, reports on the conditions of these risks, and engages in deliberations with the objective of resolving these issues. The committee’s members are representatives of different workplaces, and they point out specific problems with workplace environments and customs that impede efforts to reduce overtime hours and encourage the taking of holidays. Measures for addressing these problems are deliberated together with members of management and successively implemented.

Periodic Medical Examinations

We encourage employees to undergo periodic medical examinations as specified by laws and regulations, and the Human Resources Department actively reaches out to employees to raise examination rates. We also take measures to establish work environments at each business location that are conducive to undergoing medical examinations. In order to discover various medical conditions at an early stage, those age 30 and above are able to undergo medical examinations for prevention of lifestyle diseases, female employees are able to undergo gynecological examinations, and those age 35 and above can go for a complete medical checkup.

Stress Checks

We conduct stress checks as a form of stress management to prevent mental health issues among employees, and the results are shared at Executive Committee meetings. Also, employees can anytime receive free counseling from an independent, third-party organization without the Company’s knowledge.

Safe Driving Courses

Takara Leben conducts safe driving courses at the time of entry-level employee training. The courses explain that making an effort to prevent accidents is a part of our corporate social responsibility and an aspect of corporate activities. Information on accident trends is presented, group work in the form of risk prediction training is conducted, and various other measures are taken to prevent accidents.