Together with Our Employees

Review of Personnel System

For the sustained growth of a company, it is essential to secure talented people. Takara Leben is revising our personnel system to stably nurture talent required to achieve our management plan.

Under the new system, evaluation targets are set for each grade and type of work based on Takara Leben’s promise that employees are expected to fulfill in the day-to-day work. This includes aligning evaluation standards at an evaluation meeting for work evaluation. Through this, we seek to achieve feedback that can be even more readily accepted by employees, and improve the evaluation skills of those in management positions by promoting understanding of definitions and evaluation standards in the evaluation system.

Basic Policy for Personnel System

  • Personnel system which stably nurture talent
    required to achieve management plan
  • Clearly state the type of people required by the company to build a framework where employees can set out their career visions
  • Review distribution of labor costs to secure and keep talented people as well as improve motivation
  • Conduct training and selection to generate talented people for management positions
  • Carry out evaluation and treatment that are highly fair and transparent to nurture employees’ sense of acceptance and increase their desire to grow

12 Actions for Our Promise

  • 1Fully engage in work
  • 2Enjoy work from the heart
  • 3Speak truthfully from the heart
  • 4Be serious in each and every task
  • 5Respect each other
  • 6Pursue the right things
  • 7Pay attention to feelings
  • 8Act swiftly
  • 9Take initiative to propose, and carry through actions
  • 10Treat teamwork with importance
  • 11Remove existing barriers
  • 12Never give up

Effects of Personnel System Revision

Takara Leben is conducting detailed analysis of the progress of the new personnel system, which is designed to ensure appropriate, fair, and transparent evaluations and treatment and alignment of evaluation criteria, and will work to make continuous improvements.

A review of fiscal 2019, the first year of the new system, revealed certain problems including upside trend of evaluation, variations in evaluation criteria, and delays in the acquisition of qualifications, and we investigated and implemented changes to resolve these issues including changes to evaluation methods and requirements for promotions.

Attracting treatment
to the talented people
of operations
Improvement to
retention rate of
talented people
  • Productivity improvement
  • Creation of new businesses
  • Passing down knowledge
  • Development of unity within the company