Together with Our Employees

Various Training Systems

Takara Leben conducts a variety of training to develop our employees and improve our overall strength as an organization.

Basic Policy on Education and Training

In addition to development based on our corporate vision, nurture human resources who can express pride to stakeholders as members of society

Implement programs that enable each employee to feel a sense of personal growth and to build career designs

Enhance organization and work management skills necessary for each job rank including leadership and developmental capabilities, organizational management capabilities linked with personnel evaluation systems

Support the acquisition of specialized knowledge, skills, and other business skills necessary for the execution of business

Entry-level employee training

New employees undergo periodic training for three years after joining the Company to foster awareness as members of society, members of an organization, and employees as well as self-awareness of their own work duties and responsibilities within the Company and to acquire the skills to produce results as professionals. In accordance with the New Employee Three-Year Educational Program, new employees undergo training in their first, second, and third years of employment to clarify their roles, targets, objectives, and so on and to foster employees who can exercise initiative.

Support for Acquisition of Real Estate Transaction Agent Qualifications

Takara Leben encourages employees to obtain registered real estate transaction agent qualifications (“Takken”) by making the submission of an educational plan mandatory, purchasing educational materials, and conducting practice tests.

Expansion of Educational and Training Programs

Takara Leben works to reinforce its educational and training programs with the aims of promoting growth of each employee and enhancing overall organizational strength. In fiscal 2020, we systematically implemented programs over the course of the year to enable employees to acquire the knowledge and skills that they need including rank-based training, such as new employee training for all new employees, and training for selected personnel.

We also conducted ESG training to teach employees important approaches and knowledge for undertaking sustainability measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Training Structure Chart

Training Structure Chart

Job Rotation

We are revitalizing our job rotation system, in which employees regularly change workplaces and duties. By having young employees experience job moves across division and department lines, we are promoting greater overall understanding of the company, the pursuit of employees’ full potential, and adaptability to different working environments. We are also supporting cross-departmental reassignments when requested by mid-level employees. This not only further supports their individual spirit of challenge, but also helps cultivate generalists with broad-ranging knowledge and skills, deepening bonds between departments and enhancing the power of the organization as a whole.