Together with Our Shareholders

Policy and Past Performance Regarding Dividends

Our basic decisions on dividends are not biased toward the dividend payout ratio, but are comprehensive and take into consideration factors such as dividend on equity (DOE) and dividend yield. We seek to be an appealing company so that our shares can be held stably not in the short term but in the long term, and can be held for long without being affected by fluctuations in share prices.

Dividend Per Share

Dividend per shar

Shareholder Questionnaires

We periodically conduct questionnaires to facilitate dialogue with shareholders. The valuable opinions received through the questionnaire responses are presented to stakeholders through semi-annual reports, and we make efforts to reflect those opinions in subsequent investor relations measures.

Shareholder Questionnaires

Corporate Briefings for Individual Investors

We seek to actively communicate with individual investors. In fiscal 2019, Takara Leben conducted six corporate briefings for individual investors in various regions, including Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Kagoshima, and Yamagata. In August 2019, we exhibited at the NIKKEI IR Fair, Japan’s largest event for individual investors. At the fair, we provided an overview of our business activities and explained our medium- and long-term strategy to a wide range of fair attendees.

Corporate Briefings for Individual Investors

Disclosure Policy

Takara Leben discloses information to the public in accordance with the following disclosure policy.

  • 1Disclosure Standards

    Takara Leben Co., Ltd. (JAT) discloses information in accordance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other laws and regulations, as well as the rules for timely disclosure and so on of corporate information included in the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) (hereafter collectively referred to as the “Timely Disclosure Rules).” At the same time, Takara Leben will proactively disclose information that is deemed to be important or valuable for stakeholders to understand the company, even when it is not subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules.

  • 2Method of Disclosure

    Information subject to legal disclosure statutes is promptly disclosed in accordance with the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities via the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) operated by Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, the information is also released to the media and disclosed in accordance with procedures established by laws and regulations without delay. Disclosed information is also promptly posted on our website.

  • 3Limitations on Disclosure

    In principle, Takara Leben is not allowed to selectively disclose management-related information to specific third parties. In order that important information which has not been announced is not disclosed to specific parties and ensure fairness to everyone, including the media, investors, and securities analysts, private meetings will only touch on past historical facts, facts which have already been announced, etc.

  • 4Quiet Period

    In order to ensure fairness to all stakeholders, Takara Leben has defined a quiet period from the day after the end of each quarter until the day of our earnings announcement for that quarter. During this period, Takara Leben will refrain from responding to or making comments on questions related to our account settlement and earnings forecast. However, if a large discrepancy from the earnings forecast is found during the quiet period, information will be disclosed in an appropriate and timely manner in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules. Note that during the quiet period, Takara Leben will continue to respond to questions and inquiries about information that has already been disclosed.

  • 5Prevention of Insider Trading

    Takara Leben has established an internal regulation to suitably manage important information and prevent insider trading from occurring. Takara Leben has been striving to educate all employees in our Group on these issues and foster their understanding.

  • 6Spread of Third-Party Information and Rumors

    Takara Leben is not responsible for any forecasts or comments about the Takara Leben Group made by third parties. In addition, Takara Leben does not in principle respond to inquiries regarding market rumors. However, if it is deemed that not responding could have serious ramifications for the Company, Takara Leben may respond to a rumor, etc. by taking swift action to determine the cause and take appropriate actions as necessary.

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