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Leben Nagano Nakagosho THE PEERLESS ZEH Condominium

With the Leben Nagano Nakagosho THE PEERLESS, currently under construction in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, Takara Leben is proposing a ZEH condominium* with unprecedented environmental value by taking measures to curtail peak energy use through the Internet of Things (IoT), conserving energy through total electrification and collective power reception in private areas, and supplying CO2-free electric power. The property has obtained certification under ZEH-M Oriented, a project to encourage CO2 reductions in new housing complexes and existing residences, presented by the Ministry of the Environment, a first among Takara Leben properties in Nagano Prefecture.

* Condominiums that seek to conserve energy while maintaining a comfortable interior environment and to achieve net zero primary energy consumption over the course of a year by improving thermal insulation efficiency and installing high-efficiency equipment and systems.

Leben Nagano Nakagosho THE PEERLESS ZEH Condominium

Leben Nagano Nakagosho THE PEERLESS ZEH Condominium

ISO 14001 Certification Acquired

At Nikko Takara Corporation, we consider proactive initiatives to deal with environmental issues as an important management issue. Therefore, we acquired ISO 14001 certification—the international standard for environmental management systems—in 2008.

The execution of ISO 14001 at Nikko Takara Corporation follows our management manual, and is audited annually by an external agency. For FY 2019, an on-site audit by an external agency was conducted in May, and we have renewed our existing certification.


Details of Nikko Takara Corporation’s Initiative

  • Separate waste at construction sites and encourage recycling
  • Carry out waste separation and reduction at each business location
  • Encourage the use of environmentally-friendly and compact vehicles as company vehicles
  • Adopt plans, designs, and proposals for saving energy
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