Regional Development by Linking Regional Communities with Urban Centers


LEBEN CRAFT is a program that enables urban condominium residents to purchase specialty products from regions where the Takara Leben Group has developed condominiums using a website just for condominium residents. Linking residents of city centers with regional communities contributes toward regional revitalization. This initiative by the Takara Leben Group, which not only develops urban areas but also works on businesses to revitalize regional cities, is unique even among developers.

These products are available only in certain seasons and are limited in quantity. For this reason, they are not sold in supermarkets. We search for these types of foods. This fundamental thinking is based on the desire to support the healthy lifestyles of customers. We carefully select products that everyone from adults to children can eat safely and with peace of mind.

Customers can actually meet the suppliers they have become acquainted with through markets and so on. They can experience harvesting and eat the foods that they gather. They breathe in the country air deeply and can discover a second home. The concept is previously unexperienced travel.


By sharing information about the production regions, producers, and products located in various areas around Japan and discovered by LEBEN CRAFT and finding new strengths and appeals throughout Japan, we can play a role in the creation of enriching lifestyles.

We hold LEBEN CRAFT Premium Markets with specialty products gathered from different regions of Japan. These markets create opportunities for participants to communicate with producers at enjoyable events.

Premium Markets

One program conducted as a part of the LEBEN CRAFT Project is the Premium Market, which enables the residents of our condominiums to directly see and feel the quality of various outstanding products from outlying areas. These events contribute to regional development and reflect our desire to share moving experiences with as many people as we can through the treasures (both products and experiences) that we have discovered through our condominium development activities across the country. In fiscal 2020, we held the Premium Market at Leben Takaoka MID RISE TOWER (Toyama Prefecture) over two days, promoting exchange between the producers of agricultural products and crafts and the residents of our condominiums.


“SOCOPOS” Project

Overall structure of LEBEN CRAFT

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