Provision of Condominiums that Embody the Ideals of Diverse Lifestyles


The Takara Leben Group is working to create new lifestyles through the concerted efforts of every employee. In the lead-up to the 50th anniversary of its establishment, the Group launched the Takara Leben Group INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT Project to create new business, products, and services under its “Innovation for a New Lifestyle” slogan. As a part of this project, we conducted Innovation Idea Competitions in October 2019 and January 2020, leading to the creation of numerous plans that embody the “Innovation for a New Lifestyle” concept and received 40 submissions from 22 groups. Following screenings by all employees and directors, outstanding ideas relating to condominium management and residential products are being investigated for implementation.


Urban-type compact Condominiums "NEBEL"

The Takara Leben Group offers services that meet diversifying lifestyle needs.

As a result of increases in working couple households and single-person households in recent years, residential demand is changing and need is growing for properties that place greater emphasis on location in a city center or near a station and on convenience rather than large size. In response to these changes in customer lifestyles, Takara Leben began offering the NEBEL series of compact urban condominiums for single-person and DINK households.

The NEBEL series is a brand of compact urban condominiums that maximize utilization of the building expertise that Takara Leben has acquired through the condominium business to address diversifying lifestyles. The series maintains the design characteristics, specifications, and quality of equipment of conventional family condominiums in small units, and NEBEL series condominiums have been built in Tokyo, Saitama, Osaka, and other areas. Takara Leben remains committed to providing even greater support to enhancing the lives of customers by providing properties that meet social needs including modern lifestyles.

nebel buildings

Facial Recognition Security System at Leben Fujieda

Amidst ever increasing demands for residential safety and peace of mind, Takara Leben strives to provide condominiums that offer comfort, good design, and reliable security. We introduced Japan’s first* facial recognition security system at Leben Fujieda PRIOR in Shizuoka Prefecture, sales for which began in June 2020. Advanced access control systems that automatically open and close doors using facial recognition were installed at seven locations, achieving a high level of security.

* The security service, which incorporates facial recognition technology with auto locks at the entrance, elevator, guest room, party room, bicycle parking lot, two secondary entrances, and parcel delivery boxes, is the first for a condominium developer in Japan (according to research by Fulltime System Co., Ltd.).

Facial Recognition Security System at Leben Fujieda

* Representation of the building access control system

BOCCO emo Communication Robot

As a housing provider, the Takara Leben Group seeks to contribute to the development of communities that support long-term residence. Nikko Takara Corporation proposes living spaces with the BOCCO emo communication robot installed to reduce the burdens of housework and provide childcare support in response to the increase in working couple households. With BOCCO emo present, effects including improvements in the rhythm of daily life through the provision of notification, reduction of parental anxiety by watching over children and providing support when parents are away from home, and development of good study habits by children can be expected. As a result of these proposals, Nikko Takara Corporation became the first business selected for the Sustainable Building Design Pioneering Project (Next-Generation Housing) * of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in fiscal 2020.

* A project to support leading residential and building projects that contribute to improvements in the quality of housing and residential lifestyles and the creation and expansion of new business markets relating to residential lifestyles using the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies.

BOCCO emo Communication Robot BOCCO emo Communication Robot

Adapting to Diversifying Needs

Renovation to suit the times and the locality

Leben Zestock provides high-quality used condominiums that have been adapted to diversifying lifestyles. The company purchases used condominiums that are being rented, and after the residents vacate, performs renovations tailored to the times and the locality to transform them into appealing condominiums. It provides previously unavailable renovated condominiums that incorporate the good design and livability of LEBEN brand new construction condominiums.

Renovation to suit the times and the locality

Choice of leaseback plans

Leben Zestock provides leaseback services that allow people to continue living in their homes even after selling them. The Mimamori Leaseback service for people aged 65 and older includes regular wellness checks. The Ultra-Short Term Leaseback service allows customers to continue living in their homes while paying only running costs such as property management fees and repair reserve fund payments. Through various plans, we support the diverse needs of our customers.

Choice of leaseback plans
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