Third-Party Opinion

Third-Party Opinion

Kentaro Taniguchi Outside Director Kentaro Taniguchi
Outside Director

Takara Leben will soon mark the 50th anniversary of its founding. Based on the corporate vision, “THINK HAPPINESS AND MAKE THE HAPPINESS,” and the corporate mission, “Creating Together,” Takara Leben has made a clear declaration of the direction that it should take and has started down that path. As it approaches this important milestone, we adopted “Innovation for a New Lifestyle” as the slogan for our corporate vision.

Recently, society has come to demand purpose management in the way that corporate philosophies and corporation visions are expressed. I believe that rather than simply reviewing the corporate philosophy and vision, Takara Leben needs to reexamine issues such as what society needs from it and what is the social significance of its existence and provide clear answers that reflect its philosophy and vision.

Modern capitalism went through the industrial revolution and constantly searched for new frontiers as it spread from Europe to the Americas and then to Asia and Africa, growing as it continuously pursued expansion and reproduction further and faster, accumulating more territories. Today, however, when there are no new frontiers and societies are starting to mature, continued expansion and reproduction have become difficult and the more developed a country is, the more the pace of growth has slowed, but even under these conditions, it is necessary to find new happiness for humankind.

Markus Gabriel, a young German philosopher, discusses the new form of capitalism to come that humanity is wondering about. He espouses the idea of transitioning from capitalism that pursues profit to ethical capitalism that seeks to generate profit while benefiting society. He does not suggest that making money is not necessary, but rather, that creating a world where the purposes of making money are more important than ever.

In such a world, ideas such as the SDGs are being organized, and I believe that demands are being made by customers and all other stakeholders including shareholders, trading partners, employees, and society as a whole. The SDGs were developed as an expression of how we can create a sustainable society, which has become the shared understanding of all these stakeholders. I am certain that this significance lies in not just creating a corporate vision, and not just participating in the SDGs, but working for a purpose and achieving it.

SDGs is a new term, but as a concept that asks how to contribute to a society where everyone can continue to be happy, I believe that the SDGs lead to the inherent compassion of humans and the joy that we feel when we are able to be of service to others. Through its corporate vision, “THINK HAPPINESS AND MAKE THE HAPPINESS,” and the corporate mission, “Creating Together,” Takara Leben can achieve this.

Within its CSR activities, Takara Leben does not see condominiums simply as “spaces” where people live, but defines them as lifestyles. By breaking down topics including creating lifestyles with value, forming communities, providing comfortable spaces of high quality, and developing environments and cultures as it moves forward, Takara Leben’s corporate activities function as social contribution activities. I believe that by continuing to take action under the slogan “Innovation for a New Lifestyle,” which was added to the vision for the 50th anniversary of Takara Leben’s founding in line with the vector of contributing to a society that has no goals and continuing to make people happy, Takara Leben is approaching the concepts of the SDGs.