• What is Takara Leben's Stock code?

      The Stock Code is 8897.

    • Where is Takara Leben's stock traded?

      Takara Leben's stock is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    • How do I transfer my stock, change my mailing address on my stock certificate, or get other stockholder records information?

      For shareholder inquiries regarding stock certificates, changes of address, consolidation of accounts, transfer of ownership, or other stock account matters, please contact Takara Lebens' stock transfer agent: Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited.

    • When does Takara Leben's fiscal year end?

      Takara Leben's fiscal year ends on March 31st.

    • Which department is in charge of IR information?

      Office of the President at the head office is responsible. Please contact the following email address. If possible, please use e-mail for inquiries. We will respond promptly to any inquiries received.