Takara Leben Group

The Takara Leben Group

  • Takara Leben Co., Ltd

    Takara Leben's business operations include the design, planning and sale of its mainstay
    "Leben Heim" condominiums and single unit housing.
  • Leben Community Co., Ltd.

    Leben Community provides comprehensive condominium management services.
    Leben Community as a management company and through communication with purchasers, will provide the window for purchase customer feedback that the Group organization can immediately respond to.
  • Takara Leben Tohoku Co., Ltd.

    Takara Leben Tohoku operates real estate sales business and agency business, brokerage business.
  • Takara Leben West Japan Co., Ltd.

    Takara Leben West Japan operates real estate sales business.
  • Nikko Takara Corporation Co., Ltd.

    Nikko Takara operates general construction industry and real estate industry.
  • Takara Leben Realnet Co., Ltd.

    Takara Leben Realnet operates real estate distribution business.
  • Leben Zestock Co., Ltd.

    Leben Zestock operates renewal resale business and loan collection business.
  • Takara Property Co., Ltd

    Takara Property operates real estate rental management business.
  • Nikko Property Co., Ltd.

    Nikko Property operates real estate rental management business.
  • Takara Asset Management Co., Ltd.

    Takara Asset Management operates Investment Management, Type II Financial Instruments Services,
    Investment Advisory and Agency Business.
  • Takara PAG Real Estate Advisory Ltd.

    Takara PAG Real Estate Advisory Ltd. operates REIT's asset management business.
  • Sunwood Corporation

    Sunwood Corporation is one of Japan’s new generation of urban real estate property developers.
    With a focus on the Tokyo metropolitan market and guided by the founding philosophy of “Beyond Condominium to the Homeminium”, Sunwood supplies high added value residences that combine the best of all worlds - the safety, security and convenience of condominium living and the flexibility, individuality and privacy of home. Leveraging extensive experience and expertise, Sunwood also offers real estate brokerage and renovation/remodeling services.

Group Strength

In order to build a stronger public company which is not swayed by external factors, the Company will improve information exchange within the Group, in an effort to optimize efficient mutual use of individual strengths.
In addition, because the Company's main business is developing and marketing condominiums which is a flowtype business, an essential task for the Company is working to supplement it with stock-type businesses including income-generating properties business, property management services, and nursing services businesses in order to create a multidimensional service company that generates various kinds of synergies between its various components.