• 1972

    Established Takara Komuten Co.,Ltd. (the present Takara Leben)
    Launched sales of detached houses

  • 1982

    Launched real estate leasing business

  • 1988

    Established Takara Management Co.,Ltd. (the present Leben Community)
    Launched real estate management business

  • 1994

    Launched sales of condominiums "Leben Heim"

  • 2000

    Changed company name to "Takara Leben Co.,Ltd."

  • 2001

    Established TAFUKO Co.,Ltd.
    Launched financial brokering business
    Listed on the JASDAQ market

  • 2003

    Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • 2004

    Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

    Established Relivel Leben Co.,Ltd.(the present Takara Live Net Co.,Ltd.)
    Launched trustee division for real estate sales
    Established AS Partners Co.,Ltd.
    Launched nursing care businesses for seniors

  • 2006

    Main office moved to Shinjuku Sumitomo Building

  • 2008

    Made Marunouchi Servicer its subsidiary
    Released new Takara Leben Brands

  • 2010

    Launched detached housing business (buidt by Takara Leben)
    Capital increase based on Japan's first rights offering

  • 2011

    Joined an open house and began sales of custom-built houses

  • 2012

    Introduced new condominium brand

    Establish Yokohama branch
    Made Takara Housing Co.,Ltd.(the present Takara Property Co.,Ltd.) its subsidiary Rental business
    management operations

  • 2013

    Entry to mega-solar business

    Established Takara Asset Management Co.,Ltd.
    Launched investment management business
    Established Takara Investments Co.,Ltd.
    Launched real estate investment business
    Made Sunwood Corporation it’s associated company accounted for by the equity method

  • 2014

    Established Hokuriku sales office
    Established Tohoku sales office
    Made its subsidiary Oasis Co.,Ltd.(the present Takara Leben Realnet Co.,Ltd.)
    Made its subsidiary Nikko kensetsu Co.,Ltd.

  • 2015

    Made Live Net Co.,Ltd.(the present Takara Leben Tohoku Co., Ltd.)its subsidiary
    Made Jyutakujyouhoukan Co., Ltd.its subsidiary

  • 2016

    Made Nikko property Co., Ltd.
    Changed company name from Nikko kensetsu Co., Ltd. to "Nikko Takara Corporation Co., Ltd."
    Takara Leben Infrastructure Fund, Inc. was the first to be listed on the infrastructure fund market

  • 2017

    Established Osaka branch
    Established Sapporo sales office
    Changed company name from Jyutakujyouhoukan Co., Ltd. to "Takara Leben West Japan Co.,Ltd."
    Main office moved to Tekko Building,Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku.

  • 2018

    Changed company name from TAFUKO Co., Ltd. to "Leben Zestock Co.,Ltd."
    Made its subsidiary PAG Investment Management Ltd.(the present Takara PAG Real Estate Advisory Ltd.)
    Introduced new condominium brand

    Takara Leben Real Estate Investment Corporation was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • 2019

    Changed company name from Nikko Property Co., Ltd. to "Leben Trust Co.,Ltd."

    Leben Trust Co., Ltd. merged with Takara Property Co., Ltd.

  • 2021

    Established Leben Funding LLC.

    Made its subsidiary ACA Clean Energy Co.,Ltd.

    Established Nagoya sales office

    Changed company name from ACA Clean Energy Co.,Ltd. to "Leben Clean Energy Co.,Ltd."

    Sunwood Corporation became a non-subsidiary due to the transfer of shares.

  • 2022

    Changed company name from Nikko Takara Corporation Co., Ltd. to "Leben Home Build Co., Ltd."